Welcome to the KWC Championship

Official training sessions for the KWC 2018 in Poland

The official training days will take place on 21/07, 23/07 and 24/07. You will be able to reserve up to 6 sessions per driver per day. Sessions will be 18 minutes and cost you 20 euro each. If you need to reserve sessions for multiple drivers we require you to do this in different orders, otherwise your order will not be accepted.

The sessions will be available from 25/06 at 12:00 GMT in the online shop from Silverhotel.

Other sessions will be made available from 02/07 for non-official training days. These days are 17/07, 18/07, 19/07 and 20/07. For these days there will be no limit on the amount of sessions per driver.

Underneath you can find an overview of the reserved training sessions for the official training days and the non official training days. These will be updated twice a day.


Extra KWC Entries and rules for the Nations Cup 2018

Extra entries now available

We have very good news for all drivers that are still interested in participating the Kart World Championship this year in Poland. 
We are opening extra entries because we noticed there is still a big interest.

From now on we are not using our reserve list anymore. Everybody that was on it has been removed and will need to register again.
Remember, you can only complete your registration if you effect payment immediately. No use to ask us to keep you on reserve!

Nations Cup Rules

We are glad to publish the rules for the nations cup 2018. The regulars will probably notice we didn't change our successful format.
This means 36 teams will be allowed in 2 races of 2 hours. The bottom 9 in each race will fight in a consolidation race of 2 hours.
While top 9 in each race will advance to the big 3h finale to fight for the Nations Cup 2018 title.

Entries for Nations Cup will open next Monday, 7th of May 2018


Hotel reservation at SilverHotel

Silverhotel has 40 rooms available for KWC drivers during the championship. The price for 1 room is 80 euro for 1 night, breakfast included.
Anyone who wants to stay at SILVER HOTEL is required to contact Poul Hornemann at poul@kwcsports.com.br and provide following information:
  • Name of the guest
  • Nationality
  • e-mail
  • Duration of your stay (minimum 9 nights)
  • Indication if you want a twin bed or separate beds.
Please note: You cannot contact Silver Hotel directly, they will not accept direct bookings. We have a limit of 40 rooms and we do filter the requests to avoid one person or country to book every room available!

Ruben Boutens takes 5th victory on a row at the British Rental Kart Championship

The BRKC starts of with 4 qualifier rounds for each driver. During the event we saw great races and battles for every point.
The top 30 drivers went on to the semi finals and only the top 10 got a spot in the final race.

After a great weekend, reigning Kart World Champion Ruben Boutens managed to take his 5th succeeding victory at the British Rental Kart Championship. It didn't come easy this year. Yoan Médart took a chance for the victory by starting on pole in the final race but had to be satisfied with the 3rd position after Ruben passed him after a couple of laps. Youngster Thom van Dijk took a gamble with a great pitstop strategy and finished 2nd.


First qualifier of the season is won by Thomas Dantas in Brazil

Sunny Sunday December 3rd and the first NQS event for KWC POLAND 2018 was raced at KARTODROMO INTERNACIONAL DE VOLTA REDONDA just 100 km from Rio de Janeiro. Among the drivers some that have participated several times in KWC including 2007 world champ Rodrigo Faulhaber that is back Karting after 7 years absent from local and international championships.

The event´s format was three qualifying races, moving the 16 best drivers to a final race counting double points, preceded by a Match Race for forming the grid and picking the Kart. After the three qualifying races we had Fabio Konrad in first place with 146 points (two wins), followed by Gustavo Zimmerman with one win and 143 points, local driver debut in KWC 2017 Thomas Dantas in third just one point behind Zimmerman and Rafael Henning in fourth with 137 points. On the first round of the Match Race all the favorite drivers advanced. On his first round 5th positioned driver after the "q" races Rodrigo Vieira eliminated 2007 world champ Faulhaber scoring the best times in the shootout. For those that don´t remember Vieira he was the son of the owner of KARTODROMO NOVA ODESSA where KWC 2014 was raced. Two and a half years later that Junior kid holds an extensive mustache and has showed a tremendous performance against the time clock. On the second round we had Chico Lopes upsetting Fabio Konrad as the first surprise, then Rodrigo Vieira eliminated Rafael Henning, also a 2014 KWC Match Race finalist, Thomas Dantas advanced against Giovani Vicente by one tenth and Felipe Pimentel beat Gustavo Zimmerman by one cent. Vieira made it to the final by beating Chico Lopes, and Felipe Pimentel beat Thomas Dantas, In the final shootout Rodrigo Vieira was faster in both karts to score the pole and the first Kart choice.

When the final race started Thomas Dantas passed Felipe Pimentel and pulled away from the pack following the pole sitter Vieira throughout the race. In the second pack Felipe Pimentel and Chico Lopes followed five seconds behind while Konrad, Zimmerman and Henning fought for the fifthe place. With two laps to go  Zimmerman guaranteed the fifth place leaving Henning and Konrad in 6th and 7th respectively. Pimentel kept his position towards Chico Lopes finishing third and Thomas Dantas had to pass Vieira three times to take the checker flag and the KWC entry with the air ticket. By finishing second Rodrigo Vieira got the entry and also confirmed his participation in KWC POLAND 2018. Below the final result of NQS - BRAZIL / RJ.

  • 7 - CHICO LOPES (RJ)
  • 9 - ANDRE MAGNO (SP)
  • 14 - ROMULO FRIAS (RJ)
  • 16 - BRUNO GALLI (SP)
  • 17 - BRUNO ROCHA (SP)

You think you can race?

The KWC Championship has the highest level of indoor karting racing. With strong competitors from all around the world, the championship is filled with close encounters.

Different challenges

As organizers, we strongly believe a true champion can race any kart on any surface. That's why KWC is not tied to one karting location or one brand of karts. Every year we try to find new challenges.

National Qualifiers

The National Qualifier Series are a perfect occasion to get to know your competition in the KWC Championship. You can even win free KWC Championship entries!


If you have any questions concerning the KWC Championship, you can always drop us a message on facebook or using our contact form