Welcome to the KWC Championship

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Event: Kart World Championship 2019 Charlotte 

ID Code: 35172AF

Travel Valid Period: 09/06/2019 to 17/08/2019

Event location: CHARLOTTE 


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Ruben Boutens is the Kart World Champion 2018

The Kart World Championship 2018 is finished. The championship started with 4 days of top-notch racing between the best indoor kart drivers in the world. In 8 qualifier rounds everyone fought hard to get the points to make it to the semi finals. The level of the drivers was extremely high.
The hosting track, Silver Hotel & Gokart Center, delivered an excellent job on providing a great track and managed the smallest kart differences ever seen on this level. After 4 days of top level racing between the best indoor kart drivers in the world, 64 drivers made it to the semi finals.

What we saw there was very exciting. During our unique shoot-out battles we saw drivers push it to the limit. 
Only the top 16 drivers in the ranking advances to the final directly, so every point counted.
The smallest mistake was punished and would make you loose your battle. 
The tension but also the respect between drivers never has been so big.

Even in the final race of 55 laps, the excitement stayed present. Nothing was decided yet.
While some drivers tried to give everything for there individual result, others were fighting to get their team on top of the team ranking.
With a 2 pit stop strategy, we had to wait until the very end to see how everything unfolded itself.

Dutchmen Ruben Boutens stayed cool after starting on Pole in the final. He lost a spot in the starting laps but controlled his position through the end. Fellow Dutchmen Rico Haarbosch kept the lead with only a few meters. In meantime, the Polish driver Jacub Klek showed an incredible pace and was getting closer and closer.

Further in the pack drivers from the Traxxis Racing Team, The Dutch Value and the Bluestar Racing Team played tactics to stay on top of the team ranking. In this ranking the differences stayed very small throughout the championship, making the final race decide who is the best team in the world.

After 55 laps it's Jacub Klek who comes first, before Rico Haarbosch and reigning Kart World Champion Ruben Boutens. 
With this finish Ruben managed to become the new Kart World Champion for the second time in a row with a total of 330 points.
Jacub Klek fought until the end to get the well deserved second place in the ranking and becomes the Vice Kart World Champion with 328 points, only 2 points behind Ruben. Third place ended up close between Rico Haarbosch and another strong Polish competitor Michal Grzyb. 
Rico took 3th place with only 2 points difference, namely 315 points, while Michal ended up 4th with a total of 313 points.
The fifth spot on our final podium was decided with 1 point difference between 2 Belgian drivers. 
Christophe Verhoeven concludes 5th with 296 points just before Opnithi Puyato who was leading the ranking during the first days.

After participating since 2011 in the Kart World Championship, the Traxxis Racing Team finally managed to call themselves the best Indoor Karting Team in the World.
All drivers showed a tremendous skill during the championship. With a perfect tactical play in the final they took the victory with a total of 948 points. 
The Dutch Value jumped up over the 2 bluestar teams after the final race with 940 points. 
The Bluestar Racing Team finished only 1 point behind with 939 points, holding their second team, the promising Bluestar Junior Team from the podium with 2 points.

In the Master category, it was Polish Artur Pel who took the victory. Second place is for the always enthusiastic German driver AndrĂ© Lohse. 
His fellow countrymen Martin Hanhardt concludes the podium on 3th place.

The best woman in the world, once again, is Dutch lady Selina Balneger. 
The second place went to Mellanie Motz, also from the Netherlands, who gave her best and gave her a good competition.
Polish lady Edyta Palecska starts to become a vast value on the ladies podium and conludes on the 3th place.

The junior category went to Rico Haarbosch, followed by a very strong Belgian Opnithi Puyato. Third place went to Dutchmen Christian Douven. 
Opnithi only participated twice in KWC and finished for the second time on the podium and came close to a top 5 overall. 
With Rico turning 18 after the championship and leaving this category we are looking forward to a very exciting competition next year.

This concludes the Kart World Championship 2018. 
You can find the results and podium pictures at our results page.
All race results can be found on top of the live timing page, just click the archive results page.
We want to congratulate all drivers and teams with their podium finishes. 
Especially Ruben Boutens with his second title as Kart World Champion 2018!

Also a special thank you to all people of the hosting track Silver Hotel & Gokart Center.

Thanks to all drivers, parents, family, fans and everyone else who made this year's Kart World Championship 2018!

Thank you all and see you next year in Charlotte, North Carolina at the track of Victory Lane for the Kart World Championship 2019

You think you can race?

The KWC Championship has the highest level of indoor karting racing. With strong competitors from all around the world, the championship is filled with close encounters.

Different challenges

As organizers, we strongly believe a true champion can race any kart on any surface. That's why KWC is not tied to one karting location or one brand of karts. Every year we try to find new challenges.

National Qualifiers

The National Qualifier Series are a perfect occasion to get to know your competition in the KWC Championship. You can even win free KWC Championship entries!


If you have any questions concerning the KWC Championship, you can always drop us a message on facebook or using our contact form