The Belgiam supremacy has never been so obvious. Taking the first four steps of the podium, the Belgians have reached a predominance that´s hard to see in any sport. WADA is now investigating the content of the Belgian beer to find out what is the ingredient that makes these incredible drivers so dominant in indoor tracks. Mathias Grooten has a long history with KWC. We met him in 2007 when he was racing for Talent Promotion. In that year the Belgians were upset for the third time seeing Brazilian Rodrigo Faulhaber become the third champion of IKWC. Nevertheless his name was registered with the Teams Championship. The next year Mathias took the title in his home country in Kortrijk. After 2008 Mathias joined the BlueStar Racingteam, and has always been one of the most competitive drivers in the field. Played big to major parts in the titles of countrymates Kenny Geldhof and Robin Borremans and now to make justice to his birthgiven talent, he joins Robin and Kenny. May the future gives us a championship where these three top drivers decide who is the real #1. Until next year, it is this charming red headed top driver who can proudly show his world title.

BlueStar Racingteam held off a strong charge from the Nations Cup winners HoLaLulu Racing to claim their impressive 6th team world title, with Dutch team IKM Snap On in 3rd. Gianni Bongiovanni became the first Italian on the top step on a KWC podium, becoming the new Masters (age 40+) champion. Lorenzo Stolk, talented Dutch youngster, drove brilliantly, something you have to do to beat Giovanni Baccellieri and become junior World Champion. Selina Balneger was this years fastest female participant, after a strong championship seeing her and her rival Annelien battle it out until the A final.

The history started in one sunny wednsday in Camerano. Thermometers were boiling and drivers super anxious. With 8 races in round 1 we had Mathias Grooten(23), Matts Breckpott(142), Yoan Medart(16) from Belgium joined by Ruben Boutens(3) from Holland, Cristoph Withake(49) from Germany and Junior driver Jakub Klek(84) from Poland scoring perfect points. Close behind with minimal difference we had the american driver Logan Calvin(95) and polish #1 driver Micolaj Marczyck(4). Fort he next round the sun kept shining on Mathias Grooten and he made a perfect score against Colombian prime driver Andres Prieto(22) and Polish Mattz Bartch(54). Mattz was still alive with two podiums and last year´s match race winner Andres was recovering from a sixth place. From the leaders only Matts Breckpott also keept perfect points leading dutch Ruben Boutens that finished second and slovakian Filip Balaz that finished 3rd. Boutens joined by Logan Calvin are the guys persecuting the 2 leaders. Podium finishes for Klek, Withake, and Marczyck kept them close, Arnaud Teuwen, Mathias Maas, Robin Borremans, and Giovanni Baccellieri with good points in the two rounds keep their chances open.

The third round was splitted in two days. The first two races won by Borremans and Polish Kamil Gorlo were raced wednesday evening. The other six races were raced Thursday morning. In the last race of round 3, a setback for Breckpott. He finished fourth in the strongest group of the day after BlueStar drivers Boutens, Medart and American Logan Calvin. Mathias Gooten kept his perfect score and is now on a solo flight towards his title. Micolaj Marczyck is the closest oponent 6 points behind, then comes Baccellieri and Breckpott spiting the third place 6 points behind and Ruben Boutens followed by Logan Calvin and Arnaud Teuwen all with more than 100 points scored.

Fourth round was raced in a tremendous heat and we had the crash of the championship involving more tan 8 drivers in race D. Mathias Grooten had a difficult opponent Arnaud Teuwen in race A, but again scored complete points and was now almost unreachable. Race B was dominated by polish Arthur Pel followed by “hard to die” Robin Borremans, and Selina Balneger. Baccellieri, swedish champ Rickard Javanainen(150) and Ruben Boutens lead race C. Breckpott won the last race but again lost one more point to Grooten for not scoring the best lap. Mathias now leads by 7 points over Breckpott with Baccellieri third one point behind, Boutens fourth, and Tewen & Marczyck sharing the fifth place. In Juniors Baccellieri leads with Stolk and Klek tied. Klek has a very low result to drop and is a serious threat as he had two perfect point race and one almost perfect. Rico Haarbosch won his first race, but one to be erased because of the overagressive manoeuvering in the first laps by the back packers. We had a record of 6 penalties thrown in that race, something that shouldn't happen at this level.

Fifth round comes and……..Grooten is spectacular! He keeps full points. Breckpott holds the gap scoring a perfect race. Boutens, Baccellieri and Teuwen win, but leave points behind and see the world title a litle further away. Many of the top drivers such as Logan Calvin, Micolaj Marckzyck, Adrian Janescko, Rickard Javanainen finish around fifth place falling behind the main drivers. The winners besides the five leaders are Brian Kroon, Mathias Maas, and Mariano Galeazzi.

Sixth round and everyone is hoping for an easy race away from Grooten and the Belgian squad. The sixth round reserved the first race that Mathias did not score full points. It was Rickard Javanainen that upset him. Still the Belgian scored second and best lap thus increasing his gap to the second place Matts Breckpott in one point since the other Belgian driver also finished second and did not manage to score any extra points. Brian, Lorenzo, and Arnaud Teuwen scored perfect results and closed the gap on Breckpott. Baccellieri finished third but kept third overall being tailed by Teuwen leaving Boutens in fifth. Mathias Maas, Brian Kroon get their second victory in a row and Annelien Boutens also wins leading the ladies championship. Arthur Pel also gets his second victory while teammate Marczyck finishes second.

Seventh round had all leaders winning races scoring total points. Borremans is also rising from the dead and scoring a perfect result. Baccellieri has a broken down Kart and races his drop result. Boutens and Calvin keep on top with second places. Javananinen, Janescko, and Nick Van Overveld win their races and move up in the standings. Mathias Grooten is one round closer to the champiosnhip.

Eighth round reserves one of the best races in KWC. In race A Robin once again scored a perfect result with Baccellieri in second and Haarbosch in third. It was race B that took everyone off the chair. Mathias scored the pole and was followed closely by Selina Balneger. They had a tremendous fight and the top 5 all covered eachother's pitstops. Meanwhile Jon Kimbrell one of the best American drivers to participate in KWC, pitted at the last opportunity and narrowly jumped Mathias, who had to defend his place for faster guys on his tail. A spectacular strategic win by Kimbrell! In race C it was Logan Calvin scoring a perfect result and rising the hopes for the americans. Drzagza finished second with Stolk third. Breckpott managed to close the gap by winning and scoring the pole in race C. Italian, very fast and local driver Gianni Bongiovanni took the fastest lap and second place with rookie Van Dijk in third. Teuwen, Bartch, Degaigne and Lara won the other races. First race win for Lara and great finish for Teuwen closing an all of his rivals. Grooten keeps the lead with the smallest gap (6pt) to Breckpott followed closely by Arnold Teuwen and with a 10 points gap to drivers Boutens, Borremans and Baccellieri……

Last day for qualifyiers and many drivers already knocked out by concusions. Ninth round starts with local Bongiovanni winning and securing a good gap for the masters title. One of his opponents 2012 masters champ martin Hanhardt gets a 5th place in a tough group won by Teuwen then Javanainen and Nick Van Overveld. Third race is a recital from Robin Borremans with perfect points helping his teammate Mathias followed by Marczyck and….. Breckpott that looses precious points. Race D seemed to be the easiest group of the day and was a perfect result for 2014 runner up Felipe Leite with a perfect score. In the back a series of mistakes caused another five penalties. In Race E the pressure was on Grooten. He replied with a victory & best lap. Degaigne score the pole and finished second, being the best French driver ever in KWC. Boutens finished third. Klek had another perfect result in race F and is now leading the Juniors, taking into account the drop result. Logan Calvin keeps his pace with another perfect result. In the last race we see Stolk winning again and keeping closet to Klek in the Juniors, and a podium with Spanish driver De la Serna and ex world champion Gregory Laporte.

Deciding round starts with 10-A and a beautiful race between Robin Borremans and Gianni Bongiovanni. This time Bonjovi took the perfect result leaving Robin in second. L.Calvin finished 4th and said goodbye to his title chances. Same for Nick Van Overveld that finished third. Second race was all about Francesco Betti scoring a perfect result with Rico Haarbosch in second and Quentin Lapierre in third. The third race was won by Ruben Boutens with Jakub Klek in second and Felipe Leite in third. Fourth went to Adrian janescko with Stolk in second and Fernando Lara in third. Race E was another perfect result for Mathias Grooten with Baccellieri in second and Nicolas Baudry in third. Only a greek tragedy can take the title away from Grooten, although his teammates refused to cheer in advance, with possible mechanical troubles still spoiling the party.

Race F is won by Portuguese debut driver Luis Fernandes. De la Serna finishes second for the second time and Maas finishes third. In the last qualifier of the day Teuwen holds the first place but loses the pole & best lap to frenchmen Degaigne in third. Second position to Arthur Pel. With small delays, most caused by excessive heat and some crashes we managed to run 80 races in 4 days. Many thanks to the PGK crew who worked professionally throughout the championship, proving that an event of this calibre can be successful when treated seriously.

SEMIFINALS A, B, and C. – Could a disaster destroy an 11 point gap from Mathias to Teuwen and Breckpott. The answer is NO! Mathias raced for the championship and finished second. Breckpott also finished second and Teuwen finished third. It was Baccellieri, Médart and Stolk that took the victories. Stolk is now leading the Juniors, and Bongiovanni guarantees his master title with a sixt place. His oponents Withake and Hanhardt from Germany don't advance to the finals. In the Juniors Stolk leads Baccellieri by one point and Klek is right behind with a 3 point gap.

MATCH RACE – Mathias takes the extra 4 points home after winning an interesting match race, and has a 12 point lead over Breckpott. Calculators ON this means Mathias could finish 11th if Breckpott would score a win and best lap. After the final duel, Mathias chose to drive the slowest of his 2 final karts, and offer the fastest kart to Breckpott. Apparently the best kart in the track had potential brake problems, and this was a risk he would not take. Given the points advantage, he could afford to lose the finale race.

FINAL RACE – Breckpott took the lead in the fifth lap and cruised to a win with best lap. Mathias secured the second place, Boutens in third with an outstanding performance and Robin Borremans in fourth. In the batle for the Junior championship it was Dutchman Lorenzo Stolk who just managed to hold of Giovanni Baccellieri, enough to claim his first junior title!