Registration for the KWC Individual Championship

Entries for the Kart World Championship 2018 will open on 15th of January 2018 at 20 PM Londen Time.

Time remaining before entries open up:


Price and dates

An entry for the individual Kart World Championship costs 470 €

It will take place at SILVER HOTEL & GO KART CENTER in the city of Szezcin/Poland between July 20th and July 29th 2018. (schedule details will follow later)

Registration howto

So you want to register for our Kart World Championship and compete with the best indoor karting drivers in the world?
Let us explain how the registration works.

Start of with our entry form. Read the information on top before filling in so you understand some important details.
After you have confirmed the entry form, you will be forwarded to our online payment system. Make sure you have a credit card at hand.
Follow the instructions in the payment screen. After you will be forwarded back to our website.

If you cancel the payment, your entry is considered as cancelled and all entered data will be lost.
You will not be registered for the Kart World Championship.
You will have to start over if you still want to register for the championship

Once you are registered, you will get a confirmation email. It may take some minutes before you receive the email or it may end up in your spam folder.
If you didn't get the confirmation email, please contact us so we can help you out.

The confirmation email will contain your personal password to logon to the website.
After you logon with these credentials, you will be able to change your biography, team, t-shirt size, helmet picture and profile picture.