Welcome to the KWC Championship

Ruben Boutens takes 5th victory on a row at the British Rental Kart Championship

The BRKC starts of with 4 qualifier rounds for each driver. During the event we saw great races and battles for every point.
The top 30 drivers went on to the semi finals and only the top 10 got a spot in the final race.

After a great weekend, reigning Kart World Champion Ruben Boutens managed to take his 5th succeeding victory at the British Rental Kart Championship. It didn't come easy this year. Yoan M├ędart took a chance for the victory by starting on pole in the final race but had to be satisfied with the 3rd position after Ruben passed him after a couple of laps. Youngster Thom van Dijk took a gamble with a great pitstop strategy and finished 2nd.


You think you can race?

The KWC Championship has the highest level of indoor karting racing. With strong competitors from all around the world, the championship is filled with close encounters.

Different challenges

As organizers, we strongly believe a true champion can race any kart on any surface. That's why KWC is not tied to one karting location or one brand of karts. Every year we try to find new challenges.

National Qualifiers

The National Qualifier Series are a perfect occasion to get to know your competition in the KWC Championship. You can even win free KWC Championship entries!


If you have any questions concerning the KWC Championship, you can always drop us a message on facebook or using our contact form