Welcome to the KWC Championship

Extra KWC Entries and rules for the Nations Cup 2018

Extra entries now available

We have very good news for all drivers that are still interested in participating the Kart World Championship this year in Poland. 
We are opening extra entries because we noticed there is still a big interest.

From now on we are not using our reserve list anymore. Everybody that was on it has been removed and will need to register again.
Remember, you can only complete your registration if you effect payment immediately. No use to ask us to keep you on reserve!

Nations Cup Rules

We are glad to publish the rules for the nations cup 2018. The regulars will probably notice we didn't change our successful format.
This means 36 teams will be allowed in 2 races of 2 hours. The bottom 9 in each race will fight in a consolidation race of 2 hours.
While top 9 in each race will advance to the big 3h finale to fight for the Nations Cup 2018 title.

Entries for Nations Cup will open next Monday, 7th of May 2018


You think you can race?

The KWC Championship has the highest level of indoor karting racing. With strong competitors from all around the world, the championship is filled with close encounters.

Different challenges

As organizers, we strongly believe a true champion can race any kart on any surface. That's why KWC is not tied to one karting location or one brand of karts. Every year we try to find new challenges.

National Qualifiers

The National Qualifier Series are a perfect occasion to get to know your competition in the KWC Championship. You can even win free KWC Championship entries!


If you have any questions concerning the KWC Championship, you can always drop us a message on facebook or using our contact form