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German domination at Nations Cup 2019

Thirty five degrees in the track and 17 teams representing their country, or region raced this last Sunday for the 6 hour endurance championship - KWC NATIONS CUP.

After the 4 lap grid formation it was Team Jedi Nights (USA) with Jerrot King that scored the pole position followed by Dutch Value (NED) with world champ Ruben Boutens, and german team BRT with Dennis Holler, and local team USA GO with Fred Ogrim in fourth. This year the LE MANS start was seasoned with the necessity of fastening seat belts before the kart moved with câmeras focused in each team to make sure that all teams would have their belts securely clamped before they moved. This played a deciding fator in dropping Dennis Holler from third to 9th position. Mats De Jong (BEL), Jerome Citrowski (USA), and Dan Burke managed and excelente race start moving behind Fred Ogrim.

With positions setled in the first lap Jerrot King started opening a gap that came up to 8 seconds from the second group leaded by Ruben Boutens. In third Fred Ogrim was pressing the dutch for some laps until he managed to pass. It was expected that Fred would close the gap on Jerrot, but fact is the second group did not spread and Fred remained with Ruben in his back bumper. Mats De Jong and Dennis Holler got rido f the back traffic and moved to the second group leaded by Fred.

After 50 laps Ruben made a move on Fred and the american dropped to fifth. Jerrot lost performance and the group started closing on him. Soon it was Ruben, Mats and Dennis on the leading group while Fred stopped for his first driver & kart change. Mike Ibach took over after Fred but made a mistake on leaving the Pit with the red light. The consequence a TP and see chances of winning going down the drain. The three pack kept opening the gap from the other teams. Both Germany BRT and Belgium Traxxis Black from Belgium stopped to make their changes while Ruben Boutens remained in the track for at least 2,5 hours. Ruben opened a big gap before handling the next sting to his teammate Mike Dijkgraaf. Unfortunatly the young dutch kid made the same mistake as Mike Ibach and left the pit on red lights. Had to serve a penalty but...... with Ruben Boutens in the team you can never say the team is out of the fight for the leadership.

Throughout the race the german team formed by Dennis Holler, Tobias Laube, Michael Schoetler and Andre Lohse kept their times Always low and absolutely no mistakes. Traxxis black formed by Mats, Seilina Balneger and Guillermo Van Pamelen could not keep up with the german speed and seemed to be securely in second but..... no one counted on the dutch monster Ruben. Being the fastest man in the track lap after lap he managed to regain the second position. Congratulations TEAM BRD GERMANY. Very well done tem dutch value and thank you all for a great race with no troubles. Thank you VLK.


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